How to choose between Reach RX and Reach RS2+?

Emlid recently expanded the range of Emlid Reach receivers with two new products, Reach RX and Reach RS2+. Defining all the functions and choosing the tuner that suits the workflow can cause confusion. This article will help you figure out which option is right for your use case.

Determine your workflow

When considering a new receiver, your goals and workflow are key factors that influence your decision.

If you need an easy-to-use rover for RTK (real-time kinematic) surveying in places with internet access, then Reach RX is your right choice. It’s compact and lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Reach RX works with any corrective network (NTRIP). Pairing with the ReachView 3 app, it’s suitable for areas with mobile coverage. ReachView 3 uses an internet connection on your phone or tablet to access NTRIP adjustments and send them to Reach RX via Bluetooth. With Reach RX, you can extract accurate data in RTK mode at your project site and can export it for future use in CAD or GIS software. Post-treatment is not required.

Reach RS2+ is a full-fledged receiver suitable for several types of work. Choose Reach RS2+ if you are measuring in areas where there is no internet and by various methods, including RTK, PPK (post-processing kinematics) and PPP (precise point positioning).

If you want a PPK using Reach RS2+, you can record RINEX data for further post-processing. You can also seamlessly use the RINEX data library with OPUS, AUSPOS, and popular PPP services. To measure RTK in a mobile-coated location, use Reach RS2+ with a built-in LTE modem to connect via NTRIP. If you don’t have internet at your metering point, you can take measurements with two Reach RS2+ devices connected via LoRa radio.

Base and rover setup

When choosing the most suitable receiver for your work, you need to understand the difference between the base and rover capabilities.

Reach RS2+ can act as a base that transmits GNSS corrections, and as a rover that receives corrections from another source. This allows you to measure using Reach RS2+ in several scenarios, such as:

2 x Reach RS2+ units as base and rover connected via LoRa,

2 x Reach RS2+ units connected via Emlid NTRIP Caster,

Achieve RS2+ as a base for another receiver or RTK-capable UAV,

Reach RS2+ as a rover connected to a correction network.

Reach RX is a network rover that requires GNSS corrections to achieve accurate positioning in centimeters. To broadcast adjustments to Reach RX, you can apply one of the following scenarios:

Connect Reach RX to any public NTRIP service

Use Reach RS2 or RS2+ as a base and free Emlid Caster as a way to send Reach RX adjustments.


Reach RX is designed to simplify data collection, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up the receiver. All you need to get started is to enter the correction network data. In the absence of configuration, there is no possibility of making a mistake in preparing the equipment for work.

Ease of use is also one of the key features of Reach RS2+. This professional fully equipped tuner gives you the ability to choose settings depending on your workflow. If you need additional GNSS settings, such as SNR or relative height masks, you can configure them in the ReachView 3 app.

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