Road-SIT AM is a Road Information System on road inventory and asset management, designed to meet the needs of road authorities (public administration and road companies) in accordance with applicable local and European regulations



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Road-SIT AM is a Road Information System on Road Inventory and Asset Management, designed to meet the needs of road authorities (public administrations and road companies) in accordance with applicable local and European regulations (European Community Standard on Navigation Databases GDF – Geographic Data Files, ISO14825:2004 – and European Road Administrator Data Exchange Format – RADEF – standard for data exchange between different national administrations).

In addition to the features of managing and maintaining the assets of the basic module (Road-SIT Explorer), Road-SIT is an excellent tool for storing network data, monitoring the state of the road network and supporting decision-making.

From road inventory, which includes geometric data (plans altimetric routes, sections, retaining walls, etc.), to cartographic organization in the GIS system. All aspects of maintenance and administration are integrated into a common structure focused on:

Sharing all information between all sectors involved in the maintenance of the network;

updating the database in each of the sectors involved to promote digitalisation;

Monitoring of the conservation status of various infrastructure components;

Rationalization and optimization of economic resources

Road asset management;

Monitoring and improvement of road safety.

Organizational, logistical, and technical problem-solving functions are part of the Global Roads Service, along with specific applications for maintenance management and job enumeration (PlaNET WEB STR SpA Gruppo 24 Ore).


Road-SIT includes a well-organized and flexible alphanumeric and GIS application software complex that covers all the operational needs of road management, i.e., road assets and diagrams, signs, licensing, advertising activities, infrastructure work, accidents, etc. The architecture of the system includes:

A relational database that stores all the information that is generally related to paths and road assets;

A cartographic database, i.e. road diagrams and background maps;

Client servers or WEB application software for road inventory and asset management;

a GIS application for cartographic representation of mapped information;

Vertical apps for automating path asset management;

Road-SIT can be combined with WEBGIS (ArgGIS Server, Mapserver, Autodesk Mapguide, Abaco DBMap, etc.) to integrate alphanumeric and geographic data into a single relational database, such as ESRI ArcSDE, Oracle SDO, and comply with the latest Microsoft standard OLEDB (ActiveX Data Object).

User profiles may be granted various access permissions (reading, writing, editing and deleting) to the database – according to the typology of road assets or territorial jurisdiction (districts, roads, departments, etc.). Users can share all data through the Microsoft Edge browser.

Asset Management

Road-SIT Explorer, the bundle’s main module, provides management, consulting, searching, and editing of all road assets. It offers a very user-friendly interface similar to that of Windows Explorer- with a complete and flexible set of features. The navigation tree through the hierarchical organization of all elements gives access to the following:

A road system to display intersections, branches, etc.

Road assets grouped into families (e.g. bridges, galleries and walls belong to the family of infrastructure works).

Departments, classification based on the division into territorial zones, typical of many administrations.

All information relating to the positions selected in the tree is displayed in the grid. This makes editing the list of road features very convenient and helps you interact more easily with the more powerful functions of the database – search, filtering and sorting. . In addition, certain items of road assets can be associated with any online file: images, scans, notifications, technical drawings, calculation tables, metric calculations, etc. You can view this file later using the associated Windows usage software.

Connections to GIS

Road-SIT is integrated with the most well-known GIS platforms, providing instant geographic context analysis of road inventory, viewing of routes, circuits and images. It is also used to render road assets, to display and modify all alphanumeric data.

More users can connect to the WEBGIS (Road-SIT WS) module and share mapping data using the same GIS license. Graphical representation of road assets is carried out through dynamic segmentation, i.e., the calculation of geographical coordinates of a specific chain.

The diagram editing module provides road calibration as well as perfect management of deviations between milestone circuits and actual path lengths.

Geo-reference image database and Google Earth connection

Road-SIT Explorer allows you to view images of geographical references mapped to a mobile mapping system, as in a virtual survey. Cameras can be switched one at a time, together, or in sync to view a two-way map.

The axis of the path can be positioned using Google Earth. This function is especially useful when working without cartography, or in a situation where it is necessary to control the zones next to the mapped path.

Road-SIT Survey: Photogrammetry and Measurement of Dense Point Sets

Road-SIT Survey is a powerful module designed to display images of geographical references in dense clusters of points mapped with the Road Scanner’s mobile mapping system. It provides an accurate determination of the distance, the perimeter or the measurement of zones adjacent to the mapped road. The main signs of this module:

Synchronization of all used cameras in the selected circuit;

Partial overlapping of dense sets of dots on images;

Performs measurements made on image frames, in mono or stereo photogrammetry mode;

A snapshot of the measurements of dense sets of points.

Road-SIT Survey is also available as an AutoCAD or Esri ArcGIS plug-in for storing all mapped geometry data directly in CAD or GIS database.

Manage road signs

Road-SIT Signs is a special module designed to manage road signs and markings by extracting data from a database of road funds. The carefully structured database includes administrative and installation data, as well as related administrative documents. Administrative documents are associated with marks, and this ensures the registration of all licensing notices, the removal, postponement and appropriate printing of Word or PDF documents. These notifications can then be viewed from any workstation. This application software has a special interface that makes all the information about the selected sign available at the same time, for example, as a graphic image and a snapshot of the sign, and use the subtle functions of the Explorer module to group, search or sort data.

For easy insertion or updating of signs, the module includes a catalog of all signs obtained according to international codes. Several standard and interchangeable notification masters are available. They may be adapted on the basis of the needs of the managing authorities.

Road-SIT For Mobile Devices

The Road-SIT kit uses a variety of mobile mapping technologies according to the required purposes. Road-SIT Mobile is designed to view and update road inventory using a tablet that has copied part of the database. This local database is then synchronized with the central system with the help of the Road-SIT SYNC application software.

The main purpose of Road-SIT Mobile is to assist the Technical Offices of the State Administration to conduct on-site inspections and update road assets. To achieve this, in addition to the standard functions of Road-SIT, this module includes additional options for working on site and synchronizing mapped data with the centralized database. Technical support can be a normal laptop, notebook or tablet.

Road SIT-Mobile provides mapping of the position of road assets. The position of the point is determined with the help of GPS and immediately displayed in relation to cartography.


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