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  • Stream UP

    An innovative multichannel, multi-frequency, double-polarized and lightweight GPR system designed to map utilities over vast areas.

    Price on request
  • RIS MF Hi-Mod

    All-in-one specialized GPR system capable of exploring large areas, providing a 3D view of the depths of the earth with high resolution capability and penetration depth.

    Price on request
  • RIS Hi-BrigHT

    RIS Hi-BrigHT is a unique ground permeability radar (GPR) solution for early detection of wear and tear on concrete bridge decks.

    Price on request

    Compact remote sensing monitoring system. Designed for early warning and real-time measurement of submillimeter shifts in buildings, dams, tunnels, mining infrastructures and slopes.

    Price on request
  • IBIS-FS Plus

    Remote static and dynamic monitoring with an accelerometer to reduce large external vibrations.

    Price on request
  • Stream X

    A towed ground radar solution for IDS vehicles, the Stream X unit covers a 2 m wide swath with one go.

    Price on request
  • Stream DP

    Maximum depth, high resolution and versatile design for excellent productivity in underground research.

    Price on request
  • RIS Hi-Pave

    RIS Hi-Pave is a ground-based radar solution designed for high-speed road assessment surveys and is capable of operating multiple antennas simultaneously.

    Price on request
  • C-thrue

    Look through specific constructions and discover true data that leads to optimal decision-making.

    Price on request
  • Opera Duo & uNext

    Ruggedness corresponds to the quality of the data on the most intuitive ground permeability radar, which ensures the location and mapping of services

    Price on request


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